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sam123 Transmission Line Wed 1 May 2013 4:55:00 PM
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Coaxial cable often has a characteristic impedance of 50  and is connected to 50  loads. Assume we have a 50  load but only have ribbon cable transmission line which has a characteristic impedance of300.
(a) What length of ribbon cable will give maximum power transfer into the 50  load.
(b) What is the SWR for this case?

NTCM76 Thur 4 Dec 2014 4:41:00 PM
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   An antenna used at a frequency of 40 MHz has an input impedance of 36Ω. The generator supplying power to the antenna has an output impedance of 50Ω and is located at 30 m from the antenna. A main transmission line of characteristic impedance 500 Ω is used to connect the generator and the antenna. A quarter-wave transformer using a parallel wire transmission line which has a wave velocity factor of 0.97 is used to match the main transmission line and the antenna as shown in figure 

 Design the quarter-wave line by determining the:

            i.          Characteristic Impedance;                                                                                                  

          ii.          Ratio of spacing between the conductors to the diameter of the conductor; and        

         iii.          Length of the line.  

The figure attached                            



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